Restaurant and hotel business

Restaurant and hotel business

Target group Сourse for all interested.
Previous knowledge Restaurant and hotel management
Course objectives After the completion of the course you will be able to:

  • Develop knowledge about the principles of the work of the HR department and management of income in the hotel business,
  • know the basic principles and functions of planning and organization of restaurant and hotel business
Description (problem, content) The modern hotel and restaurant business occupies an important place in the economic sphere of the country and contributes to meeting the paramount needs of those traveling in accommodation and catering. In this regard, for a full amount of knowledge, learner need a comprehensive understanding of the hotel business.
Methods and media Content:

  • Management structure of hotels
  • Features of the administrative structure of the restaurant
  • Planning of the need for staff and remuneration for labor
  • Development of the operational program of the hotel company
  • Management of income in the hotel business
  • Planning the costs of a hotel company
Number of participants 15
Duration Training theoretical aspects : 6 hours

Practicing : 4 hours


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