Forecasting and assessing the business risks – ENU, Astana

Target group Business owners, general, financial and commercial directors, project managers, heads of financial and economic services.
Previous knowledge The fundamentals of Economics
Course objective After the completion of the course you will:

  • know what kinds of business risks exist;
  • be able to predict and anticipate potential risks;
  • have the skills to assess business risks;
  • find ways to reduce and protect against risks in business.
Description Entrepreneurs, regardless of business, have to use financial, labor, material, information resources to achieve commercial goals. The threat of partial or complete loss of these very resources and is an objective risk.


  • Description of business risks in the business plan;
  • Definition of the category “entrepreneurial risk”;
  • Classification of business risks;
  • Risk assessment; assessment of losses due to risk situations;
  • Ways to reduce risks; ways to reduce external business risks;
  • Ways to reduce internal business risks.
Methods and Media Interactive method: business cases, demonstration lesson
Maximum number of participants 15
Duration Training theoretical aspects : 6 hours

Practicing : 4 hours

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