Seminar “Estimation of investment projects” – ENU, Astana



Target group
  • Specialists engaged in investment management;
  • Portfolio and direct investors;
  • Heads and leading specialists of analytical and financial-economic departments;
  • Employees of capital investment departments.
Previous knowledge Basic knowledge economics and finance
Course objective After the completion of the course you will be able to:

  • use modern methods of analysis of investment projects;
  • to select optimal investment solutions for specific businesses;
  • build effective systems for data collection and analysis;
  • analyze the profitability and riskiness of investments;
  • apply the data of practical business statistics to the benefit of the organization and so on.
Description The course touches on various valuation techniques with the use of examples from the real life of companies. This approach makes it possible not only to master modern analysis tools, but also to understand how to apply them in practice.


  • main criteria for the profitability of the investment project;
  • evaluation of projects of different duration;
  • the main risks and methods for minimizing them;
  • evaluation of stage investment projects;
  • evaluation of the project from a non-financial point of view and much more.
Methods and Media
  • Interactive sessions with participants
  • dealing with cases


Maximum number of participants 10
Duration Training theoretical aspects of estimation of investment projects: 6 hours

Practice: 4 hours

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