Effective Sales – ENU, Astana

Effective Sales

Target group Director of Sales, Head of Sales, Middle and Senior Management
Previous knowledge Fundamentals economic
Course objective After the completion of the course you will be able to:

  • Make a plan for the work of the sales department
  • Identify the client segments and develop a work plan with each of them
  • Forecasted sales volume
  • Understand the financial indicators of the sales department and will be able to competently manage them
  • Master the staff selection tools, methods of effective adaptation and determine the training plan for employees
  • Develop an effective system of material and non-material motivation taking into account the specifics of your business
  • Build a system for monitoring and evaluating sales managers
Description A competently built sales system allows you to always find an opportunity to achieve the goal. And the stories of all successful companies confirm that the secret of high sales is hidden in the proper construction of the sales system (commercial service structure, promotion, work with personnel, etc.) Content:

  • Sales strategy. Sales structure
  • Sales planning and forecasting
  • Finance for the sales department
  • Business processes of the sales department. Organization of activities in the sales department
  • Tools for motivating sales staff
  • Monitoring and evaluation of the results of the activities of the sales department
  • Marketing tools in sales
  • Adaptation and training of personnel
Methods and Media interactive method, demonstration lesson
Maximum number of participants 15
Duration Training theoretical aspects: 6 hours

Practicing: 4 hours

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