How to make money on trouble clients – KEUK, Karaganda

How to make money on trouble clients

Target group Sell department workers
Previous knowledge Negative conflict management experience (or no experience, no knowledge)
Course objectives After the course you will be able to deal with trouble clients and make money on them.
Description (problem, content) Your job requires that you explain, discuss and negotiate with potential clients even they are very conflictable.

In the course you will learn:

  • Business etiquette with clients
  • How to build up your argumentation
  • How to lead difficult situation
  • Negotiation skills
Methods and media Analyze of real situations (conflicts with clients), work in groups, simulation of conflict situations, giving feedback on it. Movies (for analyze)
Number of participants 12
Duration 8 hours (2 days, 1 day – 4 hours)


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